To get the latest version for newer kernels, use the firmware git tree instead. Thanks for sharing, man. Note We support issues related to the download and installation of software only. This is where the airmon-ng tool comes in handy. It is not enough to just change these options in the kernel configuration, as you need these options to be true for the running kernel. In fact, now I run Linux as my main OS.

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Depending on how large the dictionary file is, having a airxrack computer will come in handy. Is the unit mentioned the v 2? Here is a screenshot of the application: Will you do a linux version and a version for OSX?

Linux* Support for IntelĀ® Wireless Adapters

Iszi While I agree that this quest could get away on SuperUser or SF you have to realize that all of these sites do overlap somewhere. Anonymous September 21, at 5: I have a little “bonus” info for you if you get it up and running, a person called G0tm1lk created a nice script for automatisation.

There is no Linux or OSX version planned. Please login or register. Think before you type, and keep your network safe!

Best Compatible USB Wireless Adapter for BackTrack 5, Kali Linux and Aircrack-ng

Kuzma 3 years ago. Good luck in your Penetration Testing. Is it a correct version? Aircrack compatible cards I have a little “bonus” info for you if you get it up and running, a person called G0tm1lk created a nice script for automatisation.

[ubuntu] How to inject Wireless card Intel ?

You can still use bulletin board code and smileys as you would in a normal post. Anonymous May 31, at 9: Lijin Nair February 16, at On a brand new install I did this: Anonymous May 6, at 2: It can be fixed. Backtrack and Blackbuntu are worth using for that purpose though.

The driver patch not needed for 2. It should be moved to Server Fault.

Took me about 30 minutes the first time. Computerman 4 years ago. Again, all it takes is capturing a single handshake and then running a dictionary attack in your spare time. Now that you captured the packet you need, you can close this window and proceed to break the WPA key. If you require a response, contact support. I don’t see the connection In fact, it is aircrck simpler to break a WPA key, because it only takes 1 captured packet. With the imminent arrival of Kali 2.

Start dumping all packets aircraack to and from the target wireless access point, and be sure to leave this window open and running.

If you don’t know these values, refer to the “Aircrack-ng against WEP” tutorial which shows you how to scan and determine this information. I might have to intrl another adapter and keep this one around until someone gets the Realtek cu driver situation figured out for the ru chipset.

If you want to use aircrack with something that is not as heavy as Backtrack, try Slitaz-aircrack-ng. Sammo Li 2 years ago. In the final version, it will be fixed and will only list wireless interfaces.